Internet Safety

Online Safety Parent Guide

We know that the best Online Safety begins at home with us, the parent. With them we can ask what he/she like to find and tell them why there’s web porn or why when they search something with search engine sometimes didn’t come with the result like they mean. 

Survey in the internet, ask other parent or join forum for Online Safety is the best way to know what is better for our child.  

Questions to ask your child:

  • What picture do you want to search?
  • Do you want to find picture or movie?
  • How much time do you spend on the site?
  • Did you have to register?
  • What information did they ask for?
  • What information did you give? (this is very important because they don’t know how important we have to keep family information to public)

Spend  more time when our child want to use internet, so we can learn each other what he/she like or what not/allow on the internet. That only one from many way’s to interaction and protecting our children.