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Online Safety Kid Guide

This is view from many Online Safety Kid Guide i can search from internet, with this we can tell our kid what they have or they not to do:

  • Only use the Internet when your parents tell you it’s OK, and only for as long as you’re supposed to.
  • Always have good manners and be polite when you use the Internet and e-mail or chat.
  • Never meet with an Internet friend unless your parents go with you.
  • Don’t give out personal information like your address, telephone number or school name to anyone unless your parents say it’s OK.
  • Don’t send pictures of yourself or your family to anyone unless your parents say it’s OK.
  • Always tell your parents about the people you meet or talk to on the Internet.
  • Don’t break copyright rules by taking words, pictures or sound from someone else’s Web site without their permission.
  • If you ever get an e-mail message that is strange, mean or upsetting to you, don’t answer back to it! Tell your parents or teachers right away!
  • Ask your parents to spend time with you so that you can show them the sites you like to visit.
  • Sometimes, when you are on the Internet, you may accidentally meet bad people or see things that are bad, but it’s NOT YOUR FAULT!!! If something you read or look at is upsetting, just stop looking at it, and tell your parents or teachers right away.
  • Never give out personal information, such as your name, address and telephone number. 
  • Do not communicate with strangers online. 
  •  Treat people with respect and dignity 
  • Report abusive or offensive web sites to your parents and teachers.  
  • Protect your user name and password. Do not share this information. 
  • Carefully select the web sites you visit 
  • Stay away from web sites that promote violence, hate or sexual material.



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