Ultamatix – DEAD ???

Well months in the working as well as Repo adjustments, no it is not dead.  This is a peak into to the future, but is nothing in comparison, to what I drop next.  The next Ultamatix will utilize Synaptic same as update manger does, what does this mean to you the end users?  0 breakage and if so it is because Ubuntu can’t keep their end of the bargain.  I have been under their eyeglass ever since I picked it up & prosecuted for trying to help.  Next release will be 100% on their shoulders. Changes? As it sits, admin & mods are testing:

ultamatix-1.8.0 (6-1) unstable; urgency=low

Added distro specic routines, supporting Gutsy, Hardy, Intrepid, and Jaunty (beta)
Added Debian support (sid only)
Added Open Office 3
Added Xmas Edition Theme Pack
Added EnvyNG (Envy for Hardy based and below)
Added Java browser plugin support (including x64 pogo etc.)
Code clean up on flash plugin, now x64 support in intrepid
Added XBMC Media Center
Removed Amobax and DVD Styler – too much work to fix.
Fixed Repo routine to assign repos to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/
Added libdvdcss2 – DVD Decryption library
Color coded description box so it can be read no matter what gtk is used
Wrote generic manpage for ultamatix (man ultamatix)
All warnings from lintian corrected, now a perfect deb
Wrote proper scripting headers as per each language used
Added Vuze (Azureus) P2P file sharing app
Added Audacious music player
Added Realplayer browser plugin support
Added Torcs game
Added Volleyball game
Added S.C.O.R.G.E game
Added Oolite game
Added GL-117 game
Added Gtk atlantic game
Added Netpanzer game
Added Nethack game
Added Blob and conquer game
Added Google Gadgets
Added Ubuntu Studio Environment
Added K3b burning software
Replaced mplayer plugin with vlc plugin
Removed swiftweasel and swiftdove too much work and did not function properly
Removed XDVD Shrink no longer hosted
— TheeMahn Tue, 06 Jan 2009 09:01:45 -05001.8.0-0

ultamatix-1.8.0 (5-1) unstable; urgency=low

PPA repo driven compiz fusion (lastest and greatest)
Moaning Goat Meter (MGM)
Termininator (multi-window terminal)
Added “Beta” Category and icon
— TheeMahn Tue, 06 Jan 2009 09:01:45 -05001.8.0-0

ultamatix-1.8.0 (4-1) unstable; urgency=low

100% Lintian / Debian base error free.
Added debug routine to help find any errors (–debug).
Exclusive lock class subroutine written (makes the possibility of
package breakage nearly impossible) – not yet fully implemented.
Total restructor of file layout to comply with Debian standards.
Added option to add repos or not (can still be removed through menu
if user changes their mind later) – not fully implemented.
Added key gathering routine if the user decides to use repositories.
Created custom icons for all categories.
Removed dependency of tango icons.
Removed all traces of zenity and removed zenity as a dependency.
Chown added to return ownership of downloaded files to the end user.
Removed dependency of bash & GZip was totally unnecessary.
Added Financial category
Added Desktop Publishing category
Added Jedit Editor
Added Gphpeditor
Added Abiword
Added Wifi-support & Wifi Tools
Added T.V. Capture card software & tools
Added Blender, Yafray and Inkscape vector based editors
Added Qemulator, Qemu Virtualization tools
Added Yakuake Terminal
Added DeVeDe Dvd movie creator
Added Lemonrip dvd ripper
Added Isomaster
Added Brasero
Added Kmymoney2
Added Gnucash
Added Ktorrent
— TheeMahn Tue, 06 Jan 2009 09:01:45 -05001.8.0-0

Further changes can be read from Ultamatix website.

Repo is being uploaded, all this info is subject to change prior to official release.

From – TheeMahn